The Importance of Translating Metadata
(title, description and subtitles) for your video!

Let's take a simple example: let's say you have a video showing how to create a fireplace. Your video has the key link "how to make a fireplace" in the title, description and subtitles, in the main language.

When users search for "how to make a fireplace" videos in their primary language, your video appears in the search results. However, if someone enters the same phrase in French, for example, your video does not appear. Why? Because there is no translation.

This is where subtitle translation becomes important! When you add translations of subtitles in different languages, it becomes a signal for the algorithm to show your video in search results, even for users who enter queries in other languages. This opens up a huge potential for attracting a new audience!

Don't forget that subtitle translation also has an impact on other traffic sources, such as recommendations generated by the algorithm based on the interests of the viewer. Tailored metadata (title, description + subtitles) play an important role in increasing the reach of your content by thousands of percent!

Expand your audience and make your content accessible to everyone by adding subtitle translation to your videos. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and inspire people around the world!

Go to our site and choose a rate to automagical subtitle translation to increase the reach of your content!

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