Strategy 3H: its essence & benefits

Strategy 3H: its essence & benefits

What is it and how can this strategy help you create better content and structure your blogging work?
This rule has three components.
  • Hygiene content
    This is content for keywords. It is also the content of how to (“how ...”). What's the plus? In the future, we will receive free search traffic from the video hosting results, because we will shoot videos for the current needs of viewers.
  • Hub content

    This is content that engages the viewer. It can be a show, the launch of new sections, and so on. Such content should be timeless and always interested in the audience. Hub videos are necessary to engage the viewer in watching and a constant influx of new subscribers.

  • Hero

    This is a content gun. It can be a viral video, a video that evokes strong emotions, a video with a celebrity. Such videos can be released once every 1-3 months and that will be enough. They stir up interest and "force" to remain a subscriber of the channel.

Following the 3H rules, you will be able to:
  • prepare headings and content grid for the future and this will make your work a little easier;
  • use future and ready-made content for the comprehensive promotion of your channel or brand;
  • work on attracting viewers.
Translating video metadata on your YouTube channel can also affect the last point – expanding your audience. Translating the title and description of the video and its subtitles increases the geographic reach of your channel.

Of course, translating metadata is a difficult and rather lengthy process. But to automate this routine task, the Creator Tools tool is suitable, which in a matter of minutes will translate all the necessary data into more than 140 languages. You can get the first 300 translations on the website!

Russian version of the article is here.

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