How not to spam and produce only quality material for your audience

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We are often asked if it is really useful to translate your original content into different languages ​​of the world?

Will YouTube see a lot of subtitles as spam?

Can any sanctions follow?

Brief spoiler - NO ❕❕.

✈️ Understanding the details.✈️

The video hosting algorithm highlights the fundamental difference:

1️⃣ it's one thing to upload 20 identical videos - copies from "successful channels", with duplicate descriptions to different channels, or to the "main" one; ⛔️

2️⃣ It’s completely different - in the main and only video that you have uniqueized, add the display of subtitles for these and other languages.

In the first case, the system is likely to perceive the content as SPAM

in the second - original content adapted for different regions.

✈️ The second point is the theme and quality of the content. ✈️

The desire to constantly follow trends can be both good and bad. Due to the huge number of channels on children's topics (unboxing, toddler reactions), cooking and DIY, streaming recordings and others, there are less and less high-quality and unique videos.

YouTube is starting to offer your channel less and less, its natural pessimization is taking place.

How not to become such a spam channel (our recommendations):

• do not copy 1 in 1 long-promoted niches

• don't get hung up on one format

• stand out, find distinctive features for your channel

• focus on ORIGINAL content

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