Your path to popularity: top secrets of promoting a YouTube channel

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Channel promotion will bring you a new audience and allow you to sell your product or service to big people. Here we list the main ways to promote the YouTube channel:

1. Optimize the channel and video - use keywords in the title and description, add tags and hashtags.

2. Make eye-catching video covers.

3. Use video repost in social networks.

4. Collaboration in the videos themselves with bloggers. Integration in full-format or shorts.

5. Encourage viewers to be active - to put likes, subscribe, leave comments.

6. Buy advertising for your channel (if possible).

7. End screens, the community tab, or placement on the main page of other channels also work well. You can ask colleagues for help or purchase these items.

8. Translate your video into other languages and add subtitles. And we will help you!

Try, develop, experiment and look for exactly those ways that are right for you. And do not forget, the best way to promote is quality content, where the word quality means both the interest and reaction of the viewer to your video.

We will help you expand your geography by translating subtitles into 140 languages of the world.

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Russian version of the article here.

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