What languages are better for translating
YouTube video?

This is a very popular question for the Creator Tools team. We'd like to just attach a list of languages or say, "Translate to all!". But this is wrong, because bloggers work in different niches. And each niche can have different demand in different countries and language groups. The culture of some peoples has a unique influence on human thinking and video preferences, including. And this means that some types of content will go better in one country, while others worse there. Of course, it is always better to translate videos into the most popular languages. And we will give the list below.

Another popular question that we want to answer is: "How do I know what languages it's best to translate YouTube videos myself?". Very simple and here is the action script:

1. Translate a number of videos into all the languages you can. For example, 10 videos in 100 languages each.

2. Go to the analytics and see where and in what languages retention is better, more views.

3. Choose the languages with the worst retention and few views.

4. Compare these languages with other videos. If you constantly repeat a low score from video to video, then this language should be removed; or understand: what can be done for this language to attract as many views as possible?

If the given example of analytics looks complicated, then we recommend translating into 100 languages. So you definitely can't go wrong!

If you calculated a smaller number, then pay attention to the language core - these are the languages which it is desirable to always have a translation. After all, Russian is NOT spoken by 95% of YouTube users, and English is NOT spoken by 80% of users! Two languages are already 25% coverage. Should others be neglected?

The most popular languages into which it is always advisable to translate your title, description and subtitles are:

They are like a core to which additional translations need to be added. In total 100+ languages, by translating into which you increase the chances of getting millions of views.

We recommend languages based on popularity and viewership. The Creator Tools translation plugin has built-in analytics and, as a result, the plugin highlights the most popular languages according to the version of the service users.

Video translation on YouTube can significantly expand the audience and increase popularity on the platform. And our Creator Tools service will help you!

Russian version of the article here.

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