Busting myths about content creation on YouTube.

Hi all. We are the Creator Tools team. We develop useful tools for content creators that make life easier and help them earn more.

The world video service is constantly overgrown with fables and rumors. Figuring out what's true and what's not is not easy.

Our next post aims to dispel popular YouTube-related myths.

Myth 1. You can make money easily and quickly on YouTube.

Creating and developing an online video channel is really a difficult task. In this case, it will not be possible to make money quickly and easily (with very few exceptions). Content needs to be constantly improved, follow trends and tendencies, be prepared for drops in interest, views, likes.

Myth 2. A YouTube channel is a very complex activity.

"Fear has big eyes". You have probably heard this saying. For creative and persistent people - a great platform for realizing their potential. An opportunity to find like-minded people, clients, partners and even fans of your work.

Myth 3. YouTube doesn't like newbies. All niches are already occupied.

The most popular "argument" of lazy and indecisive people. Try and do than "philosophize in the kitchen". What matters is the quality of the content. ☝️ Non-standard and original videos are always in trend. Try to stand out and success will not keep you waiting.

The Creator Tools team is extremely attentive to the choice of a niche, the quality of the content created. Competent development and promotion strategy are very important.

Localized content (translated and adapted using subtitles) is rightfully considered one of the most effective “white hat” methods. And you can translate your channel data and videos quickly and easily using our tools.

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