On the way to your dream channel: how to choose a topic for YouTube and capture the attention of your audience

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Creating a YouTube channel has become a necessity in some areas, because the role of video content is constantly growing. And YouTube is another traffic for business and additional income.

If you are creating a YouTube channel for business, then everything is easy here. First of all, the theme of the resource will meet the needs of your customers and fully comply with professional activities. And, of course, topics with the use of numbers in the title will always be relevant (top 5, 10 tips, 5 steps, and so on).

For example, if you are engaged in repairs, then the channel on how not to commit

100500 mistakes in the choice of paint and team of masters.

If you want to shoot a personal blog, then things are a little more complicated. You need to start by asking: What can I shoot about? What do I understand? How can I help viewers?

Here are the most popular channel topics:

• lifestyle/vlogs (we film our life);

• review of interesting facts;

• lifehacks;

• travel channel;

• challenges;

• games;

• news channels;

• interview;

• business;

• auto;

• show and humor;

• distance learning;

• narrow-profile areas: cooking, home and so on.

Decide which topic you like. Create a content plan to make it easier for you to shoot your first videos and not give up quickly. And just shoot. Shoot often and try different formats. And sooner or later you will definitely succeed!

Also, do not forget about the localization of your channel to increase the number of views. The Creator Tools will help you with this - a translator of subtitles and video descriptions. Go to the website and try our tool for FREE. The world audience is in your hands!

Russian version here.

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