Success is in the details: contact grid or content plan for YouTube

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After the theoretical step (search for a topic for the channel and analysis of competitors), it's time to move on to practice. There is only one small step left.

Before you start making videos, make sure you have a content plan. Without planning, the filming process will be chaotic. Yes, and without pre-planned topics, you can think for a long time what and when to shoot, or even quit this business and stop shooting (but we are aimed at success, right).

Ask yourself questions:

• How often can you post videos?

• What will each issue be about?

• What video formats will be on the channel?

Regularity is very important, the viewer must get used to your channel. If you decide to publish content every week, then never deviate from the schedule and strictly adhere to it. And ideally, write a mini-script for each of your releases to make it easier for you to prepare a video. By the way, when creating a content grid, many users are guided by the 3H strategy, which we talked about here.

But the key to the success of the channel is not only a well-thought-out plan and the regularity of video releases, but also the localization of the channel for different countries so that as many viewers as possible see your content. Creator Tools will help you with this issue, which translates subtitles and video descriptions into 110+ languages in a few minutes.

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