What you need to know about internal YouTube analytics for your growth.

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One of the ways to promote a channel or a blog is promotion through video hosting algorithms. What metrics does YouTube pay the most attention to when promoting your video in search and recommendations?

Here are the main ones:

1. CTR. The number of times users opened the video after showing the cover.

2. Audience retention. How many minutes viewers watch the video, which videos they watch to the end, at what point the video is closed.

3. Depth viewing. YouTube is interested in keeping viewers on video hosting as long as possible. A good signal for algorithms is if your videos are watched one after another, go to the channel, subscribe, click on the bell to receive notifications of new videos - in a word, they are interested in the content of your channel, and not just one video.

You can analyze these three basic metrics in Creative Studio in the Analytics section.

Introduce new types of content, change the cover, change the presentation of the material and see how the indicators change. If they are growing, then your audience has come up with new methods and continue in the same spirit. If they fall, try something new and look for fresh ideas.

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