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Hi all. We are the Creator Tools team. We develop useful tools for content creators that make life easier and help them earn more.

Sometimes translations end earlier than you expected, and YouTube has not transferred money from the previous month to buy more yet.

What to do if translations are needed now and urgently?

We have collected legal ways to get more translations absolutely free.

Send the results and the email to which the key is registered necessarily to so that we can add a bonus to you

*The bonus program is valid only for paid subscriptions

**The bonus is only valid until the next payment date. If the payment is canceled, the bonus will be cancelled. If you need to share - write to


Bonus scale

Bring a friend

By referral link from the plugin, or just write to us
15% translations one time of the current tariff for each.
A friend also receives 15% translations one time of the selected tariff

Buy a key in less than 3 days after the start of the trial period

The earlier you buy, the bigger the bonus.
5%-15% of the current tariff


500 translations

Video feedback

It can be a feedback, a review or a guide. An important condition is that the video must be open, and we could post it on the site.
1200 translations

New idea

Any ideas how the plugin can be improved - add a new language, improve the user experience. Concrete recommendations are welcome
100-500 translations

Subscribe to Instagram

300 translations

Reels or Instagram stories about us with a tag

500 translations

"Barter" of any type

Any proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation =)
By agreement
Upvote on ProductHunt
300 translations

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