- unique auto-translator
of subtitles for YouTube Studio

Increase the video coverage by 3 times and save your time
clicks to translate and increase video coverage
videos have been translated
languages supported
Ways to increase views
Everything that
the YouTube algorithm gives:
- recommendations
- internal and external search
- advertising, paid traffic Google Ads
White traffic
From sources that are illegal under the user agreement, but have not yet fallen under the filters (online cinemas with stolen films)
Grey traffic
Any deceptive and illegal schemes, for which you are supposed to be banned immediately upon detection (cheating views)
Black traffic
Creator Tools only works with white sources.

Our team suggests increasing the number of video views through
SEO optimization: creating localization of metadata and subtitles.

This way your video will start to be promoted in other countries. You
will get new views, subscribers, and as a result, earnings.

Advantages of Creator Tools Translator

One-of-a-kind plugin
Saving time
Increased reach and subscribers

Creator Tools Translator is chosen by bloggers

We recommend using the plugin if you have content aimed at any user regardless of the language
For children
For adults
For children
For adults
Game Dev
Game design
The owners of large communities are with us - Maxim Rogovtsev's school
of successful bloggers BE$Tyutubers.
The plugin is used by both growing channels and owners of golden buttons
who are flying a rocket up to the diamond one.
  • Olga Beresnewa
    I want to leave my feedback! I spent a lot of time translating subtitles to YouTube (fingers in the blood), 30-60 minutes per video. And if the title and description are also long, then you had to open Yandex translator, trim subtitles, insert, translate, copy, paste again into the description, and so on... motivation is very low...she asked for children...Many thanks to the developers, I think this is one of the best applications on which you just relax! you press one button and go to drink tea) Thanks!
  • Siva ArtStudio
    A wonderful tool! During the first tests, he showed some incorrectness of the necessary language, when contacting the developer, they adjusted the work quite smartly and now everything is like clockwork! Great thanks
  • Kohan Galanych
    Just salvation. For creators who are focused on mass localization of video, this is the only way to reduce the video preparation time so much. I save a couple of days a month! Thanks to the developer.

Creator Tools Translator Fares

The number of translations is calculated from the first day of the month, regardless of the payment date. If the date of your monthly payment is the 15th, but you have already spent all the transfers of both this and the previous calendar month, then they will be credited only in the next month.
Due to the possible unavailability of the Cloudpayments payment system in some countries, the ability to pay via Paypal has been added.
First steps in video creation in Youtube Studio
4,99 $
200 translations.
Rising Star Advanced
You create 1-2 videos per week
15,60 $
800 translations
For real experts, who publish videos every other day
44,99 $
3100 translations
You are producer and/or do you have multiple channels
69,99 $
5000 translations
Business Pro
You are experienced producer with multiple channels
99,99 $
7500 translations
Enterprise 1
You are experienced producer with multiple channels
119,99 $
10000 translations
To use the Creator Tools Translator plugin, you need a key that
includes a certain number of translations

The key is active for 30 calendar days. After this period, the key
can be extended

Translations do NOT accumulate. Transfers are credited when the first
payment is made on the 1st of the month, regardless of the payment date
By clicking this button above, you will receive a key for 100 translations for free!
= title + description + subtitles
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