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The entry of business into foreign markets is a point of growth for any company, no matter where it is located and at what stage of existence it is. This is especially true for businesses that are represented within YouTube. Even if it seems to you that your business content is only focused on a local audience, then you should try to promote it to the international market, and here's why:

1. Ability to work with a wider audience in different countries and regions, which will lead to increased sales and revenues. A business can access new potential customers and increase its customer base.

2. Can help businesses diversify their portfolio of products and services. Diversity can help mitigate the risks associated with changes in one market or reduced demand for a particular product.

3. Leads to an increase in sales, which, in turn, can lead to an increase in profits. Expanding the international customer base can also allow a business to increase its economic scale and reduce production and marketing costs.

4. New opportunities are emerging, such as access to new technologies, better suppliers and new markets. This can help businesses improve their competitiveness and take a leading position in the international market.

5. Leads to improved brand image and status. A business can use its international activities to showcase its expertise and the quality of its products and services.

6. Exchange of experience: business learns about the best practices and methods of work of other companies, which can lead to the development of more effective strategies and improved operations.

The solution to the issue of promoting a business abroad within YouTube lies in the translation of metadata (subtitles, descriptions and video titles). You can use Creator Tools' automatic video translation service and see how a simple step like video localization can help grow your business!

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