How to get to know the cost
of advertising with a blogger?

Not at all, because the blogger sets the prices. You can only decide whether to invest in advertising.

Advertising pricing criteria may depend on various factors:

1. The size of the blogger's audience: the larger the blogger's audience, the higher the cost of advertising.

2. Ads Format: Video ads usually cost more than static ads.

3. Duration of placement: the duration of advertising content can also affect its cost.

4. Theme and quality of content.

5. Scope of work.

6. Seasonality: The demand for advertising may vary depending on the season.

7. Blogger's reputation: work experience, the quality of past advertising and the blogger's reputation.

Keep in mind that in narrow niches everything is a little different: the more specialized the topic, the more expensive the placement will be. And, despite the small reach, a micro-influencer in a narrow niche can bring more orders to the company than giants with a blurred audience.

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