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We will provide a realistic voice-over for the video

Get audio in any language
and save your time

The benefits of voiceover from Creator Tools Speaker

Speaker creates voiceover based on text or subtitles
More than 60% of YouTube viewers listen to videos rather than watch them
The tool will generate sound in any language
You should know that 60% of YouTube viewers do not speak English language
You don't waste time cutting the audio track
CT Speaker creates sound that matches the timing of subtitles
Wide functionality of Creator Tools Speaker
The instrument voice is easily customizable and realistic
CT Speaker will save your time and effort
You don't need to specifically study a foreign language
CT Speaker will save your channel's budget
No need to spend money on a translator or studio rental
YouTube is already testing the ability to add to videos
audio tracks in different languages. Whether in the trend!
The entire process from loading a text file to generating an audio track in a foreign language will take 3-4 minutes:
Select languages and customize voice
Upload a file with subtitles or text

How does voiceover for captions work?

Download the finished audio track

Who needs speech generation?

Let's play/streams
Game dev
Game design
Apple Podcasts & other platforms
Online courses
Trainings and marathons
Educational platforms

Examples of voice-overs for video scoring

YouTube is already testing the ability to add to videos
audio tracks in different languages. Whether in the trend!

Pricing for realistic voiceover without a narrator

Average size of subtitles by genre:
Culinary: 2,000 - 5,000 characters
Sciencepop: 15,000 - 40,000 characters
Reviews: 3,000 - 7,000 characters
Lesson: 5,000 - 15,000 characters
In the future, the packages will be expanded, and their content will differ not only in the number of voiced characters, but also in functionality! Stay with us and share your content in different languages!

Voiceover 25
One-time package for beginners, enough for 5-7 small videos
25 000 symbols
Voiceover 205
If you are an expert blogger, then this one-time package will allow you to provide subtitles for 30 videos
205 000 symbols
Voiceover 350
You produce 2 videos each, then this one-time package is for you - it’s enough for 50 videos
350 000 symbols

Creator Tools Speaker voices subtitles and text

Generation occurs automatically up to 30 seconds.
Recommendations for improving voiceover quality:
1. Write down abbreviations in full: for example,
g – gram, c – seconds.
2. Place the signs correctly punctuation & letters.
3. Remove emoticons and emojis.
4. Try not to break the sentence
according to different cues.
5. Leave enough time to pronounce
the phrase.
6. Use voice overs in conjunction with
background music or other audio.
7. Use the symbol for emphasis ˈ
(copy it, these are not single quotes!).

Limit: 560 lines or 20,000 characters (typically 30 minutes of continuous speech, or 90 minutes of average video) per run.

We are working to do more! If you don't find the language you need, write to the community and we'll add it within 2 hours!

Frequently asked questions about Speaker

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