Revealing the Secrets of the YouTube Algorithm

The world of YouTube is filled with more than 500 hours of video content every minute. And you are probably wondering how to find the video you need in this endless desert? All thanks to YouTube's complex algorithm, which is designed to make our video journey more convenient.

It's important to understand that the YouTube algorithm's job isn't simply to show you the hottest or most recent video for your search. Its goal is to offer you exactly the video that will be most useful and interesting for you.

This is why two different people performing the same search query may see completely different results.

What is included in the YouTube search algorithm? Let's figure it out:

Relevance (match): The algorithm strives to match information from titles, tags, descriptions and video content to your query.

Engagement (interest): Watch time, percentage of views, number of likes, comments and overall activity are important signals that influence our recommendations.

Quality: The algorithm analyzes the authority of the channel and its expertise in the selected topic to ensure the quality of the content.

Search and Browsing History: Your preferences and browsing history play a role in shaping what the algorithm finds most useful to you.

Fun fact: these factors combine and interact in different ways, depending on your location and how you view YouTube. This ensures that the content you see is always the most interesting and relevant to you.

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