Promotion on YouTube: 5 Secrets on how to become famous and popular among viewers and algorithms

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If you dream of millions of views on YouTube and are looking for a way to improve your content, you're in luck! We will look at 5 important rules that will make your channel more attractive and interesting to your audience. You will no longer have to fight with algorithms - you will learn to create content that viewers themselves will want to watch.

1. Understanding the Algorithm: Myths and Reality

Many new YouTubers believe that the YouTube algorithm is designed to support large channels while ignoring small ones. But in reality, the algorithm seeks to understand the audience and their interests. It does not push video creators, but attracts viewers. This is important to understand: instead of complaining about YouTube not showing your videos, focus on why those who have already watched your videos don't stay with you.

2. Niche and Audience: The Importance of Selection

Your channel can't be everything to everyone. Start by defining your niche and your target audience. When you know what you want to talk about and who is interested in it, you can create content that appeals to that audience. Examples such as Legal Eagle and Ali Abdaal show how you can successfully expand your niche while maintaining a wide audience.

3. Title and Thumbnail: First Impression

The title and thumbnail are your face on YouTube. Spend more time creating them. Remember that most decisions about what to watch are made in a matter of seconds. Your title and thumbnail should be attractive and accurately reflect the content of the video. Even 10% of the time spent creating a title and thumbnail can have a huge impact on clicks and views.

4. Understanding Data: Not Just Numbers

Data is important, but it shouldn't drive every decision you make. Strive for a balance between data analysis and intuition. Click-through rate (CTR) and average watch time are important metrics, but don't forget about art and storytelling. Sometimes data can be misleading, so look at patterns and trends rather than individual numbers.

5. Long term perspective

Your path to YouTube won't always be a straight line. Expect ups and downs. It's important to look at long-term goals and where you'll be many videos and years from now. Don't just focus on the number of views on your upcoming videos - build content that will be interesting and relevant in the future.

So, if you dream of millions of views, remember that success on YouTube depends on you, your audience and your niche. Learn from big channels, but don't copy them, find your own unique approach.

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