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Localize video in YouTube Studio to 140 languages in 2 clicks!

Expand your coverage by hundreds of % and save
a few days per month of your work time!
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AI Tool to Increase Views

Creator Tools Translator
  • Easily translates your video's title, description and subtitles into any of 140+ languages in just 2 clicks!
  • Saves you 3-4 days per month
  • Helps to enter the international market

Service Creator Tools is Verified by YouTube and Google

Advantages of Creator Tools Translator
Verified by YouTube and Google
Saving 3-4 days per month
on translations
Increases views and subscribers

Changes in the Geography of Views in a Localized Video

Non-localized video. No translation – no views from other countries
Localized and translated into 140 languages –
a wide geography of viewers

Creator Tools Translator is Loved by Vloggers

We recommend you use the tool if you have content for any audience regardless of the source language
Let`s plays/Streams
Game Dev
Game design
For children
For adults
For children
For adults

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Feedback from Our Users

  • Ekaterina Dolgova
    Very cool app! I advise everyone to use this tool. It frees up a huge amount of time. Previously, I did translations manually, wasting a lot of time, now with a light click on one button I get translations into all languages of the world))). Many thanks to the developers. My gratitude knows no bounds.
  • Anna Shelemekh
    This application is a mega time saver when uploading and preparing videos for publication. With just a few clicks, you can translate your video into as many languages as you need. Many thanks to the developers for such a valuable product! Once you try it, your life will never be the same again)
  • Olga Beresneva
    I want to leave my feedback! I spent a lot of time translating subtitles to YouTube (till my fingers bled), 30-60 minutes per video. Also, if the title and description were too long, then I had to open Yandex translator, trim the subtitles, insert, translate, copy, paste again into the description, and so on... I had very low motivation... I even asked my children to help... Many thanks to the developers. I think this is one of the best applications; it let me just relax! Now, I can press one button and go have a cup of tea:) Thanks!
  • Svetlana Elovik
    Many thanks to the developers of this metadata auto-translation service! This plugin allows you to save time, which is very important for authors of large channels. And it is also important for you that the developers themselves are very interested in developing and improving their service, they actively go to meet all their users on any issues. Pleased with the quality of the translation. When translating independently through Google, the translator had to deal with incorrect translation of some words or phrases. Never experienced this issue with this service. I always recommend this plugin.
  • Siva ArtStudio
    A wonderful tool! During the first tests, there were some errors in the target language, but when I contacted the developer, they resolved the issue quickly and now everything is like clockwork! Many thanks
  • Kohan Galanych
    It`s livesaver! For creators who are focused on mass localization of videos, this is the only way to dramatically reduce the video preparation time. I save a couple of days a month! Thanks to the developers.
  • Ahmed Ramazanov
    I’m sorry that I just recently saw this service, I’m sorry for my wasted time, when I was in a hurry to upload videos, sometimes I left them without translations, but here I seemed to breathe in a new way, now without this service it’s not an option!
  • Sabina Murtuzalieva
    I'm leaving a review because I really need a thing! I have been looking for something like this for a long time, how did it make my work easier now I do my things much faster with the help of this extension It's just a godsend!! I had to manually deal with the translation, it was very tedious at times and left without translation, and now I pressed 2 buttons and you're done
  • Tagir M
    This service is just a godsend, every self-respecting YouTuber should connect, press 2 buttons and the plugin will translate everything for you, this saves your time and time is a very important resource now, who values their time, I think that I should not spend it on manual translation when it is set up automation
  • denis denisx
    This extension is a godsend! It translates all subtitles, title, description, tags, text for you while you are resting, and do not enter it manually! I was looking for something similar for a very long time and did not think that everything was so simple! Installed and sitting sipping tea, the extension does everything for you! Well done guys that thought out and made life easier for people ..
  • Unusual stories
    I used to make subtitles manually for my videos, which was wildly "annoying")) But then I accidentally stumbled upon creator-tools and immediately it became easier to live. Thanks to the developers for such a cool plugin)) It's also good that there are 100 free translations. Thus, you can check the functionality of the plugin. I recommend to everyone))
  • Alex Mur
    Previously, you had to translate descriptions and subtitles manually, now everything works automatically. Thank you creator-tools! Great plugin - saves time and effort.
  • Viktar Drazdovich
    I accidentally saw an ad in Yandex mail. Well, I decided to try. There are also 100 bonus translations. I chose 10 languages for myself. Enough for me. After applying the "creator-tools" program, YouTube began to give more impressions. My audience began to expand. My videos began to be watched in other countries. For me, a beginner, this is a great help.
  • svetlana arshavsky
    At first I was a little skeptical about this service. I thought that I’ll try it, and of course there will be some kind of flaw or it really won’t be as good and easy to use as described. But, I was pleasantly surprised that it really works super fast and saves a lot of time. For me, this is really a super help and a big thank you to the developers.
  • davito hero Rare
    Good plugin, translates to all the necessary languages. I recommend
  • Balint Henzel
    I have been using the plugin for the YouTube channel network for a little less than six months. Impressions are great! With its task of automating the translation of subtitles and video metadata, the application does an excellent job. Significant time savings - while the plugin is running in the background, you can engage in the following channels or drink coffee))) During the use of the application, there were practically no technical problems. Small nuances were corrected almost in real time, the developers are always in touch and quickly respond to comments and suggestions. A special THANK YOU for this! The plugin has noticeably "grown up" since the launch - the functionality and stability of work have improved. Thanks to the application, we personally have noticeably increased productivity in the creation and development of new channels, and the time it takes for them to reach the level of desired efficiency has been reduced. I can recommend the plugin with a pure heart and with all responsibility. A wide subscription package will satisfy the needs of every creator - from beginners to producers of dozens of YouTube channels. I wish the developers and all of us growth, creative and financial success!

Creator Tools Translator Helps You Grow

Metadata and Captions Translator Pricing

Important information:
After you purchase a subscription, the price is charged automatically every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and it will be canceled automatically if the payment is not made on time. Unused translations from the previous month do not carry over to the next month.
If you aren’t able to process your payment, please, email us at and get a 25% bonus on your plan right after successful payment.

* Promocode gives additional translations in the first month, not a discount
For those who have
2-3 videos/month
200 translations
per month
Rising Star Advanced
You release
8-10 videos/month
800 translations
per month
You release up to 40 videos/month
3100 translations
per month
For those who have
50-60 videos/month
5000 translations
per month
Business Pro
70-80 videos/month. Suitable for producers
7500 translations
per month
Enterprise 1
You've multiple channels & 100-120 videos/month
10000 translations
per month
Enterprise 2
SMM agencies accompanying
200+ videos/month
20000 translations
per month
If you want more translations, write to and we will select favorable conditions for you

Frequently Asked Questions

To use the Creator Tools Translator service, you need a key that
includes a certain number of translations

The key is active for 30 calendar days. After this period, the key
is extended after recurring payment

Translations do NOT accumulate. Translations are credited right after payment
By clicking the button above, you will receive a key for 300 translations for free!
= title + description + subtitles
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