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Terms of Use

  • To use Creator Tools for translation, you need a key that includes the number of translations.
  • Translations do NOT accumulate. Translations are credited immediately after payment.
  • Learn how you can get more metadata and subtitle translations absolutely free.
  • The number of translations is counted from the date of payment. Gifts and promo codes are summed up.
  • 1 translation = translation of title and description + translation of subtitles.

Referral Program Conditions

  • A personal link for providing a bonus upon purchase is located in the Translator
  • A bonus in the amount of 15% of transflations of the current tariff plan is issued upon purchase via the link to both a new user and a referral
  • The bonus is issued in case of purchase via the link by another user, you cannot purchase the key via the link yourself
  • The bonus is valid for the first month of using the plugin
  • The bonus is issued only when purchasing a key. No bonus is given for the trial plan
  • Bonus is issued only on the first purchase
  • Promotions, referral links and promotional codes are summed up.
  • If you have brought 3 or more users, we will discuss the individual conditions of the program

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