How to Use the Web Version
of Creator Tools Translator

  1. Go to the web version of the translator
  2. Paste API Key
  3. Log in with Google
  4. Select the channel whose video you want to translate
  5. Select video and languages
  6. Click Translate! and wait 15 seconds

Terms of Us

  1. To use Creator Tools plugin for translation, you need a key that includes the number of translations.
  2. Transfers do NOT accumulate. Transfers are credited immediately after payment.
  3. Learn how you can get more metadata and subtitle translations absolutely free.
  4. The number of transfers is counted from the date of payment. Gifts and promo codes are summed up.
  5. 1 translation = translation of title and description + translation of subtitles.

Referral program conditions

  1. A personal link for providing a bonus upon purchase is located in the plugin (below the key entry field)
  2. A bonus in the amount of 15% of transfers of the current tariff plan is issued upon purchase via the link to both a new user and a referral
  3. The bonus is issued in case of purchase via the link by another user, you cannot purchase the key via the link yourself
  4. The bonus is valid for the first month of using the plugin
  5. The bonus is issued only when purchasing a key. No bonus is given for the trial plan
  6. Bonus is issued only on the first purchase
  7. Promotions, referral links and promotional codes are summed up.
  8. If you have brought 3 or more users, we will discuss the individual conditions of the program
Known Issues and Solutions
  1. The most common problem: "Something is not working." Treatment - reload the page, does not help - reinstall the plugin and update the browser.
  2. If you need subtitles, then you need to either manually upload or wait a bit for YouTube to generate subtitles for the source language. After that run the plugin
  3. If the plugin did not translate the subtitles use a new version. In case you want to use old, then the actions are as follows: Unfortunately, this problem occurs on the side of YouTube, not the plugin. An automatic solution has not yet been found. The good news is that with very little effort we can restore the functionality of translations. First, try refreshing the page or relogin. If it doesn't help, in the original language, change a few lines of subtitles, as well as the frames in which they appear (+ - the frame is absolutely invisible). After that, you can run the plugin again, or add the remaining languages manually (make sure that the translations are not empty). I repeat, what is not translated is not paid, and the situation is rather exceptional than ordinary.
  4. The option to translate hashtags or not only applies to titles and descriptions.
  5. Another common problem: "Translations don't work! Plugin doesn't translate." In such cases, please check the payment, it may not go through, or you forgot to pay. Payment information is sent to your email.
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