Merging subtitles for YouTube videos
into one SRT file

- a tool that stitches subtitles from different .srt and .vtt files to match your video.

*total file size is no more than 256 KB
*subtitles must be in one folder and you must add them all at once

Editing subtitles

Select subtitle files on your computer or drag them here

Delete all downloaded files

An example of how subtitle merging works

Pay attention to the change in the timing of the subtitles of the second file - the offset is exactly at the final time of the previous file

Initial data:

File 1:


00:00:00,320 --> 00:00:02,090

Replicas of the first video

File 2:


00:00:00,420 --> 00:00:01,080

Replicas of the second video


Finished file:


00:00:00,320 --> 00:00:02,080

Replicas of the first video


00:00:02,510 --> 00:00:03,170

Replicas of the second video

When is it necessary to merge subtitles?

  1. You release weekly or monthly digests that consist of previous issues
  2. You filmed a video in several locations and created subtitles for each video track separately
  3. At the last moment I needed to add something to the beginning or end of the video

How does merging subtitles in order work?

  1. Upload all your subtitle files in SRT or VTT format
  2. Move to match expected order
  3. Click the "Generate" button
  4. Save the file in SRT format to your computer

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