Subscription purchase of voiceover

Voiceover 25000
per month
Voiceover 120000
per month
Voiceover 350000
per month


You purchase a monthly subscription and a certain number of transfers, which you are free to spend as you wish.
You can always unsubscribe


For example, let's take the popular voice-over tariff of 120,000. Here you get 120,000 characters per month.


The average YouTube video is between 2,000 and 5,000 characters long


We also give you AI recommendations to save even more time on creating content - we will suggest which title is best suited to your video and make an excellent description for you.
A little more tediousness.
But we like to keep everything honest and clear for you.
The number of transfers is counted from the date of payment. Today you paid, received your 25,000 characters and you have a month to spend them (what you didn’t have time to spend was burned).
Exactly in a month you need to replenish your supplies again.
And by the way, you can easily change the tariff if you realize that you have too much or not enough.
Why such rules? Let me not burden you with even more information, but this is all done so that you get good prices and conditions. Didn't pay extra and wasn't a victim of hidden fees.
If you have any questions, please write to us, we are always happy to help.
With respect to your patience and careful reading,
Creator Tools team

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