We make your life easier!
🌟 Attention, users of the Creator Tools service! 🌟
We have added an advanced model for translations. Now there is an opportunity to get even better translations than now!

We remind you that with AI translations you can:

🔹Effectively provide access to your content to audiences around the world.
🔹 Reduce time and costs for translations thanks to an automated process.
🔹 Guarantee the quality of translation through the use of advanced technologies and algorithms.

Select a new option and compare.
How to translate a channel into 150+ languages?
Easily, with Creator Tools you can translate the name and channel data on YouTube, not just the video, in two clicks. :)

Creatot Tools are constantly improving. Now we have added the ability to translate the name and description of the channel itself.

This convenient update brings you even closer to a global audience. Try it and see how effective the results are.

The world audience is in your hands!
💻We are expanding functionality using artificial intelligence. 💻
Now our tool evaluates not only the 🔥quality🔥 of the title, but also offers its own options for:
✔️ 3 video title options
✔️ 1 description option for the video

❗️Attention❗️For a closer recommendation, we use subtitles!

Upload the desired video to YouTube Studio and
add subtitles to it. Then go to the Creator Tools user account and simply select the video description you like, as well as the title optimized for search by algorithms!

Try it and share your experience with us! And don’t forget, we create tools to save your time!⌚️
🌐 Searching for videos has become easier.
We are constantly working to improve functionality and have added the ability to sort and filter.

Now you have more opportunities to search and select the video you need. Just set the period you need and that's it. And here we saved you time again
🌐 Expansion in translation capabilities
Now you have even more control over the translation. We have improved the functionality, and now it is possible to save original hashtags and channel names.

For example, if the name begins with @name, then if the “do not translate hashtags” checkbox is turned off, it will not be translated either.

This handy update allows you to insert short links to other channels and makes your descriptions more concise. Try it and see how effective the results are.
🌐 Update in translator!
Now you can easily copy languages from the previous video. This convenient feature will help you quickly decide on the choice of languages for translations.

Just refresh the page and the latest changes will appear for you.
Hurray, it works! A new feature is saving languages in your profile.
Now the languages you have selected will be associated with your profile and saved for your convenience. This means you no longer have to worry about language settings every time you change devices.

Please note that this feature is only available in the new version of the plugin. The new version is available here.

Follow the link and use it!💪 And also share your impressions with us. After all, your feedback will allow us to constantly improve.
New in Creator Tools: AI Assistant for Your Headlines!
The title is the key to the success of your video. But sometimes one wrong word can lead to demonetization. Now we have a solution!

We present to you AI Highlighting of Title Quality. This innovative tool analyzes headlines and scores them based on several criteria:

✅ Header length
✅ Readability
✅ Compliance with video content
✅ Compliance with YouTube guidelines
✅ No prohibited words
✅ and other rules for creating working titles on YouTube

How it works? Just go to the new version of the plugin and you will see the color scheme:

🟢 Green - your headline is AI approved, it's perfect!
🟡 Yellow - the title requires minor corrections, follow our recommendations.
🔴 Red - AI recommends a complete revision of the title.

Link to the new version is here.

P.S We remind you that the title is one of the metadata elements on YouTube and is involved in SEO optimization.

With this tool, you will be sure that your titles meet all YouTube standards and will help you maximize your income. 🚀🎥
Exciting news: new dialect in Creator Tools.
We are pleased to announce that we have fulfilled your request and added a ✔new✔ English dialect - English (Australia). Now you can easily translate your videos and analyze the results in this dialect.👍

If you have any other suggestions for new languages and dialects, feel free to write to us in Direct. We will be happy to add them to our platform.🎬
Upgrade your videos and breathe new life into them with new features from Creator Tools Translate: we've added 30 more languages!
🎬Are you ready to start conquering new markets that are just beginning to blossom?

🏆 Here is a list of new languages that you should pay attention to:

Amharic ("am")
Malagasy ("mg")
Malayalam ("ml")
Oriya ("or")
Swahili ("sw")
Tatar ("tt")
Turkmen ("tk")
🏆These languages are the future rockets, ready to take your analytics to the next level.

🎬Are you ready to breathe new life into your old videos? Then translate them into new languages and analyze the results ✔ Remember that the effect is always cumulative. And the more languages you use, the more audiences you capture✔

P.S. These languages will only be available in the new version of the plugin
Creator Tools Translator update. Now you can translate videos in several YouTube channels at once.
Many users of our plugin have 🎬several YouTube channels🎬 that they are developing. Previously, the process of switching between channels took place in several clicks, which also took time.

But we decided to make your life easier and added a ✔new button✔. Now you can switch between channels ✔in 1 click✔, and also quickly add new ones.

Try new features and speed up your workflow.
Now legal entities can pay for Creator Tools services.
We are pleased to announce that we now provide the opportunity for legal entities to pay for our services by card and receive an ✔invoice✔ for accounting for expenses. This is great news for legal entities, as you get a BENEFIT of ✔up to 30%✔ when paying in , (the percentage may vary depending on the jurisdiction).

We understand that it is important for entrepreneurs to control costs and optimize business processes. That's why we've connected this convenient payment system that will help you reduce costs and simplify accounting.☺️

Contact us today to learn more about our services and payment options. We are always ready to help you make your business more efficient and profitable.
Cantonese language
Hi all!
We promised you translation into Cantonese, we delivered! Currently, only the title and description are translated.
There is no translation of subtitles yet, BUT we are working on it!

😉 Have a great week!
🚀 Let your videos always be at the top!
❤️ With love, your Creator Tools

Release 11/28/2022
Translation of hashtags
Good morning our beloved users!
On the eve of the weekend, we hasten to please you with a new opportunity!
At your request, we have added a Hashtag Translation option.
Previously, hashtags were translated automatically, since the person watching the video would search for it using hashtags in their language. But, if you don’t want to translate hashtags, perhaps you use different hashtags in different languages in advance, then our option will definitely please you!
Now you just need to uncheck the box next to Translate Hashtags and the hashtags will NOT be translated.

😉 Have a great weekend!
🚀 Let your videos always be at the top!
❤️ With love, your Creator Tools

Release 11/25/2022
Today is a bit of an exciting day for us. The Creator-Tools team is pleased to announce!
We are introducing a new tool!
Meet - SPEAKER!!!

What can he do?

- It can generate voice from text, or captions.
- 17 languages available! (we are adding, there will be more)

This tool will greatly help those bloggers who work with the second type of official YouTube localization.
Well, or for those who want to reach a new audience, but do not know the language of this audience.
Product reviews, recipes or educational videos - there is a use for everything!
The tool for generating voices based on captions is especially convenient. After all, you get an audio track that does not need to be trimmed to fit your video. Just add it to your project and render a new, unique video for your new audience.

Release 21.11.2022